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It sounds interesting that we have an opportunity to write an amazing essay in many different forms. As an essay writer talks about different kinds of essays, let’s focus on expository form to know better about this particular type.

An expository essay is a comprehensive approach that expects students to critically assess a specific idea. As with any other essay, the first stage of this form of essay is to select the most suitable topic according to all the requirements. The role of online writing services is extremely supportive when you want to select one particular idea from different expository essay topics for your next assignment. Let’s have a look at some of the trending topics for expository essays to get a basic idea in this regard or you can ask others to write my essay.

Trending Expository Essay Topics

  1. The most influential leader of 2020 according to you and why?
  2. What do you think about the life of a celebrity?
  3. Best leadership qualities.
  4. Your favorite music genre and why?
  5. Is listening to music during work a source of better performance?
  6. Discuss the economic consequences of COVID-19.
  7. The latest issue of the Yemen crisis needed to get resolved immediately.
  8. How can one establish a balance between college and a part-time job?
  9. How depression can lead to a suicide attempt?
  10. The impact of the internet on the objective of effective communication.
  11. How the growing use of social media influences the practice of social interaction?
  12. The notable characteristics of your favorite movie.
  13. Your most memorable day at school.
  14. Parents’ role in your personality development.
  15. The best teacher in your life.
  16. What are your future aspirations?
  17. Meaning of true friendship according to you.
  18. Are private schools better than public schools?
  19. How adult literacy should be treated?
  20. How can the education system improve?

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  1. Why are there so many religions in the world?
  2. What is your philosophy of life?
  3. How smartphones change this world?
  4. Is there any possibility of living on Mars?
  5. Effects of Instagram addiction.
  6. Role of Twitter in your life.
  7. How smartphones replace television?
  8. How is the current world is gradually changing?
  9. Consideration of Elon Musk’s innovations.
  10. How mobile technology evolves over the years?
  11. Describe the creation of gunpowder.
  12. The period of the Great Depression.
  13. Discuss the event of the French revolution.
  14. The growing influence of drone technology.
  15. The impact of Brexit on the region of Europe.
  16. What you know about the development of the modernist movement.
  17. What are the objectives of the protagonist in the novel?
  18. Techniques to live a healthy life.
  19. Why is students' well-being important?
  20. The negative impacts of consuming excessive fast foods.
  21. The importance of health insurance.
  22. The role of WHO to minimize the risk of a global pandemic of 2020.
  23. Is the abortion ban is justified?
  24. Discuss the condition of the ‘code of ethics’
  25. What is the importance of morality in your life?
  26. How racism can stop in society?
  27. Possible advantages and disadvantages of the death penalty.
  28. How the learning process is different for children with PTSD?
  29. Influence of excessive internet usage on teenagers.
  30. Discuss the issue of the glass ceiling.
  31. How tolerance is a source of success?
  32. Why homelessness is growing in recent times?
  33. The possible benefits of daily exercising.
  34. Discuss the contribution of science in treating different diseases.
  35. Why are teenagers involved in consuming marijuana?
  36. Strategies to tackle bullying in school.
  37. The existing connection between the banking system and economic growth.
  38. What is your favorite novelist and why?
  39. The use of artificial intelligence in education.
  40. The effects of cyberbullying.

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