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Essay writing can be a fun job if you are ready to do it with all your heart, or you know some quick tricks that can attract the attention of your evaluator. Usually, what the students do is, they pay for essay on a website and get quality work. Thinking another way round don’t you think, we can save our money by learning some quick ideas?

Hold on! Before sharing ideas, I would like to tell you a bit about my motivation. Once I had to write a critical essay and I was literally dumb as I had no idea how I can write a critical essay. Out of fear of losing marks, I asked one of my graduate friends to write my essay and he made an excuse. For a second I felt I'm done with my academic career. Just an hour after, I saw a blog sharing trick to make your essay writing more engaging, and that hour changed my life forever. I am going to share those tricks with you, and hope these will provide essay help to write your essay.

  1. 1- Try to be more creative while choosing a topic

    It means you should avoid repetitive topics, such as existentialism, the French Revolution, and Racism. Think about creative ideas, if not, mold simple topics into creative ones such as the French Revolution can be written as, “The Historical upheaval by French Revolution”. It will not only be a concise and accurate topic, but it will help you with the flow of the essay.

  2. 2- Add quotations, citations, and statistics

    Adhering to this idea, try to add relevant quotes either in the form of a famous saying or in the form of relevant research propositions. It will not only add to the knowledge weightage but it will help you make your writing more scholarly.

    If you are confused about citing your sources and quotation properly, ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.

  3. 3- Be concise and add keywords

    It is one of the most important tricks that can help you earn good grades. Usually, the words of the title or the actual keywords are not used even once in the essay and it distorts the essence of the essay. In order to write a knowledgeable and engaging essay, try to add cohesion by relevant or actual keywords or by writing to the point ideas.

  4. 4- Building narration and use of active voice

    You can make your essay writing more engaging by building a narration. It can be done either in the form of a story or a creative account that can catch the attention of readers. One such example can be writing, “What if the wheel of history is reversed to the time of the 19th century". It will help your teacher become part of the account. Then, try to write your essay in an active voice because active voice narration is considered to be academically correct as compared to passive voice narration.

  5. 5- Accurate choice of words

    If you want to engage your reader, make sure to avoid phrasing because once an idea is repeated your reader loses interest. Use more figurative language and metaphors that can help you build the actual account of the title. One of the important points is to avoid clichés in your writing. The more you will exaggerate, the more will be the chances of irrelevant and inaccurate details. One such example can be, use of "in order to", instead of “to”. Instead of using exaggerations, it is better to use rhetorical questions because it will help to add flow and cohesion.

    If unsure about using correct words and terms, request others to write essay for me.

  6. 6- Conclusion statements

    If you are writing a historical essay, you are required to come up with a concluding statement having a biased nature. If you are writing on a contemporary topic, then you have to add “call for action”. It will not only emphasize your engagement in the essay but it will help you address the topic with a staunch view.

    Following these simple tricks, you will be able to write an excellent engaging essay that will help you earn good grades or you can always consult an essay writer service to do this task for you.

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