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Not all the time, but sometimes, you face a concern from your teacher which is to reduce the word count of your essay. This could be a painful task, as you would have to cut down the words to make it to the minimum required words limit. But it is necessary when you have gone too long or gone beyond the assigned word count. Longer essays of more than the required minimum word limit would even cost you loss of marks, as teachers often apply negative marking.

But no need to worry, there are some tricks that could help you in managing your word count limit, while writing essays. But as priorities exist everywhere. The most amazing and credible tricks to help reduce word count in your academic essays are as follows or you can ask others to write my essay.

  1. 1. Rank your argument(s)

    The very first trick one should reduce the word count of your essays is ranking the points used for substantiation of the argument. In simple words, rank your argument based on its importance. This will help you eliminate ones with the lowest significance. Using this trick would also help you make your argument stronger. While the same applies to the whole essay.

  2. 2. Focus on the key point

    You checked your arguments and prioritized them based on their importance! Great! Now you can look for sentences or even paragraphs that do not fully address the key argument of your essay. With the help of this tactic, you can eliminate sentences and even paragraphs that fail to address your argument.

    The more focused you could stay on your argument and the main topic, the more concise your writing would be. But you must be a good essay writer as well if you want to do this with perfection. It could be easy to accidentally go off on digression while writing your essay. But focusing on the main point will keep you close to what you are writing about.

  3. 3. Use the most perfect and even the best verb

    It is a fact but many students fail to do it well. But professional writers say that use the perfect verb instead of verbs that may be close by not perfect for your argumentation. So make your best to choose possibly the best verbs in your writing. Do so because using the perfect verbs leads to reducing the number of words you use in your writing.

    But the question is how you will do this! So let’s check out the following example.

    Imperfect verb: “Our class beat the opponent team by a lot of numbers”

    Perfect verb: “Our class trounced the opponent team”

  4. 4. Avoid using adverbs

    Remember; always ensure that you did not use useless adverbs when writing your academic essays. If you can keep control over it while writing. Then go through your essay once it gets completed and check to find adverbs. Sometimes, adverbs work as fillers but not all the time. This means that they do not add something beneficial and credible to the actual essay. Hence, go through your essay and remove adverbs that are not needed. Need help about your writing skills? Get help from an essay writing service now.

  5. 5. Do not use adjectives or remove when revising your essay

    Do almost the same with adjectives what has been suggested for adverbs. Many adjectives are used when we write our academic essays. While we cannot control avoiding it while writing. But if you can do then try avoiding it when writing your essay. But no one of us is perfect. So you have another chance if you cannot avoid them while writing.

    This means you should read your essay once you are done with writing and consider revising it to remove adjectives. In short, read your completed essay and look for adjectives. You figured out adjectives! Perfect! Now remove each one that does not add to the actual meaning and stance of sentences being written. And you will comfortably reduce the word count in your essay.

    If you are unsure about your writing skills, contact a paper writing service now.

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