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Most of us know of MLA or APA citation formats. But I don’t think many of us have even heard of Turabian.

Well, I certainly have and I have worked with it but not a lot of students have.

So, I thought why not share my expertise? There are many citation styles to work with, but Turabian seems to be the best option. Why might you ask? Well, to be honest, it’s a tough cookie to crack and the first step is to get to know the basics.

So, here I am with the basics. So that you won’t have to pay for an essay just to know the details. You can get the details from me and pay for the essay for specifics. Sounds good?

Great. Let’s begin.

Point #1: The Basics

Ok, so if you are familiar with the Chicago style then you shouldn't have much trouble with Turabian either.

Turabian is like Chicago but only easier. It uses the same rules and even uses the concept of footnotes and endnotes.

So yeah. It is really not as hard as one might think, but you can ask someone to write my essay.

Point #2: Line-Spacing

In Turabian format, the text is double-spaced which means that line spacing is kept at 2.0.

But we have exceptions to this rule as well. Footnotes or endnotes are not double spaced. The list and table of contents are also single-spaced. And so are block quotes.

Similarly, the reference list at the end also has to be single-spaced but you need to give space between the references.

Point #3: Margins

Turabian style requires simple margins. The general rule is that we give at least a one-inch margin on all sides.

But, if your document is a thesis and needs to be printed in a hard form then an essay writer will need more margin on the left-hand side of the document.

This is allowed.

Point #4: Justification

I am not saying that you need to justify the points that you make. Although you will have to do that too.

What I mean is that your text must be justified.

To do this, select your text and go to the “Home’ tab. There you will find the paragraph section. At the bottom of it, you will find “Justify”.

Point #5: Font

The font requirements in Turabian are simple. The text should be readable. That's it.

So, to do that, it is recommended that you use either Times New Roman or Arial fonts. In Times, make sure that the text size is at least 12. For Arial, it should be at least 10.

This doesn’t apply to footnotes. For that, refer to your instructor or paper writing service.

Point #6: Pagination

The page numbering.

This is actually very important in formal documents.

You can place the page number wherever you want as long as it's visible. So, keeping it at the bottom center is great.

Also, you will be using ARABIC numerals here. Like 1, 2, 3, etc.

Not I, II, III, etc. These are ROMAN numerals.

Point #7: Citation Styles

There are two types of citation styles here.

One is the notes and bibliography style which is used for English, literature, art type papers where sources are cited in the footnotes.

The second style is the author-date style used for scientific papers where in-text citations are used.

So, it is up to you to choose the style you prefer or ask your professor.


Now you have covered the basics and can move forward to the specifics. For that, you will need to contact an essay writing service. Ask them to write my paper in Turabian and you will get the perfect paper.

You can replicate its style and format easily enough and write whatever you want to write about.

Or you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to write in Turabian.

The choice is yours.

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