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There are many academic disciplines in colleges and universities, and each follows a unique research methodology. In social science, the research has been divided into two categories: qualitative and quantitative research. Quantitative research mainly deals with facts, statistics, and figures to be included in a research paper.

Slightly different, however, is qualitative research; it mainly focuses on human behavior in certain circumstances. The collection of data through market research and conversational communication also falls under qualitative research. Academics have divided this research into six categories widely used in educational, governmental, and business organizational models. It does not suffice on ‘what people think’; instead, it also tries to find out ‘why people think’ about a particular subject matter. If you want to learn the techniques and types of this research, you are at the right place

1. Phenomenological Research

The purpose of this research is to describe the events, situations, or experiences from multiple perspectives. It is only because an essay writer can develop a broader understanding of the issue. In this research, data is collected by conducting interviews, reading documents, surveys, and personal observations. In simple terms, it can be said that it is a study of a phenomenon that may include experiences, events, or situations. To understand this particular phenomenon, a researcher uses multiple methods to get data or evidence.

2. Ethnographic Research

In qualitative research, ethnography gives a scientific explanation of different cultures and human societies. It is one of the reasons that it is widely used in this research. A researcher may have to live in a certain community to get evidence or information about their society or a particular group. The interaction between the researcher and the group helps them understand motivations and goals within a culture or an individual. This research can illustrate attributes including lifestyle, tribal system, location, shared experience, and religion. Instead of an interview, a researcher directly observes the environment to conclude his analysis. If you are confused about conducting this research type, contact a paper writing service now.

3. Grounded Theory Method

This method mainly deals with the theoretical explanation of an event followed by logical reasoning. Research may follow interviews, observations, literature reviews, and document analysis methods to collect the necessary data. Sometimes incorporating all these research methods might become overwhelming for a new researcher. However, they can always think out of the box solutions and buy essays online from an essay writing service instead of conducting rigorous research. They can save their precious time for other useful activities. Companies use this research method to know their customer base, including their loyalty and satisfaction with the brand.

4. Case Study Model

As the name indicates, it mainly involves collecting data from multiple sources, including historical documentation, direct observation, and interviews. This model can be explanatory and descriptive and is followed by many academic disciplines like sciences, medicine, and education. Usually, this type of research takes months to complete because it involves an in-depth understanding of the concerned issue.

5. Historical Model

This method is very important to understand - it presents events with their implications for the future. These two factors are mainly dependent on historical events that eventually influence the present and future. When I started to write my essay about the American War of Independence, I adopted the same model. You can also use hypothetical ideas so that you can answer the relevant questions.

6. Narrative Model

In this model, the data is collected in the form of narration or a cohesive story. It mainly includes details about every particular event. The sequence of events and their review is very important to narrate an event. A researcher might conduct an interview and how it may influence an individual’s life. Mainly business organizations use this method to innovate technologies and further enhance their customer base.

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