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When students learn how to write, they start by learning different kinds of sentences. After having an idea of how sentences are created they want to learn how to use them in their academic writings, such as essays, reports, reviews, etc. However, many fail to accomplish what they want. The art of using language is learned with the help of proper punctuation and structuring. Proper punctuation and structuring are the keys to delivering a message meaningfully that can be understood by the reader. The art of delivering a message in an effective and meaningful manner asks for learning language as well as how to use it.

Professional writers say “sentencing is the art of recording a language in a consequential and meaningful way”. Hence, an essay writer needs to know all kinds of sentences and how to write them perfectly. It is highly recommended that students must keep their sentences short, as they are always meaningful and are best to convey any message. This blog post is about to help you know different sorts of sentences with a guide on how to write them. Additionally, the blog also offers some relevant examples of sentences.

Declarative sentences

A declarative sentence is the one where you make your statement and state the initial information. In a declarative sentence, you should focus on making your statement while providing basic info. Additionally, try to express your opinion when writing a declarative sentence. A declarative sentence is where you state your thoughts and views. Make sure you put a period when finishing declarative sentences.


  1. Students failed to reach class on time.
  2. My sister likes taking tea in the evening.
  3. The IT specialist requires faster internet to complete the work/task.

Exclamatory sentences

Exclamatory sentences are the type of sentences where you state deep feelings. This feeling may be joy, belief or sorrow. You can express your feelings or emotions in all types of sentences but end an expression with an exclamation point in exclamatory sentences. But keep in mind; you are rarely needed to use exclamatory sentences in objective and formal writing.


  1. I got outstanding marks in my physics assignment!
  2. That drama serial was amazing!
  3. I cannot believe how effectively you wrote this letter!

Imperative sentences

Imperative sentences are the kind of sentences that are used to give an instruction or demand. Make sure you use exclamation marks when writing an imperative sentence. But remember; put a period at the very end. Imperative sentences may either be positive or negative. But this depends on the nature of the message. Hence, take care accordingly.


  1. Do not lose your hope!
  2. Never think as you did this time!
  3. Please do not come in while wearing shoes!

Interrogative sentences

Interrogative sentences are simple and easy to understand. Interrogative sentences help you to ask a question. When writing an interrogative sentence, make sure you use the question mark (?) at the end sentence accordingly. There are many words you can use when framing your sentence or question. But some common words you can use are;

  • What
  • Why how
  • When
  • Where
  • Do or Does etc.


  1. When will you finish writing your essay?
  2. What is your favorite hobby?
  3. Do you enjoy reading novels?

Each and every type of sentence plays its role by providing a specific purpose and direction to the set context. In addition to this, all types of sentences help you understand topic perspective. But the key to success is; how you write and use different sentences when writing.

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