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Persuasive essays are essays where a writer uses logical reasoning and analysis to show that their view is more appropriate than the opposing view. Thus there are many subjects around us on which persuasion is possible.

Persuasive essays usually deal with the ongoing issues in order to construct a milieu of debate in society. But sometimes you may come across some unique persuasive essay topics that are not popular but important to be discussed. If your topic is good, you don't need to worry about how I write my essay.

Let’s see some topics that can be used to write an effective persuasive essay.

  1. Why is it important to teach children about financial literacy?
  2. Students who do not attend college ends up with a poor lifestyle
  3. Should students take a gap year to learn about their interests?
  4. Should college cafeterias offer students soda?
  5. Why is it essential to learn foreign languages?
  6. Do you think online learning is useful for an essay writer?
  7. Do you think the school assessments are useful in determining a student’s capabilities?
  8. Do all students not possess creativity?
  9. Should education be free?
  10. Teachers should be unbiased in the classroom
  11. Are public protests constructive?
  12. Everyone should cast their vote
  13. Homosexual marriages should be legitimized everywhere
  14. Religious practices should not be affected by the selfish interests of state politics?
  15. Politics and religion are two separate topics?
  16. How false news and propaganda affects the public opinion
  17. Sensational media is booming. How should it be countered?
  18. How should the global actor counter-terrorism?
  19. Should women be given higher positions in politics?
  20. How should states resolve the refugee crisis?
  21. Should celebrities play their role in reducing the environmental degradation
  22. How should authorities tackle the growing crime rates?
  23. How should authorities prevent deaths and murders caused by the weapons (licensed or unlicensed) owned by citizens?
  24. Do you think our privacy rights are protected in this interconnected world?
  25. Most potential criminals are former victims of abuse and violence
  26. Do you think the death penalty should be banned?
  27. People charged with minor drug trafficking be rehabilitated?
  28. Marijuana should be legalized use it for medicinal purposes?
  29. Rappers should be hanged in public?
  30. Should healthcare be given more priority than other fields?
  31. Should women be paid during their maternity leaves?
  32. Are paternity leaves essential?
  33. Can there be alternatives to cigarettes or smoke-free products?
  34. Should vitamins and supplements be regulated routinely?
  35. Is gender a social construct?
  36. Social media is disrupting our society?
  37. Do you think reading printed books is a good idea when people are moving towards digital books?
  38. Pets can help people with psychiatric issues by supporting them emotionally?
  39. More selfies and Instagram IDs show a rising self-obsession among new generations.

The above-mentioned topics are very unique and specific. These are hard to be argued as you will find very limited arguments to persuade your stance. This might put you in a stressful condition if you really have to submit your essay on a topic such as above. You may wonder and ask yourself if there is someone who can write my paper for me so that I can attain good grades.

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