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The largest benefit of college academic writing is that it teaches you valuable arguing skills. These skills will help you in your future careers and life. An essay writer must know all the rules of persuasive writing before they start. To write the perfect essay, follow the persuasion techniques mentioned below.

Persuasion essays

A well-written essay must convince both a neutral reader and the opposition that your stance is the strongest. In a persuasive essay, your tone should neither be very soft, causing no change in opinions, nor be too harsh, angering the opposition into not listening to your logic. Using your essay, you explain what you believe is right and give evidence using examples from scholarly sources to strengthen your claim.

Basic format

  1. Introduction:
    • Definition, history, background explained
    • Ends with a thesis statement that explains what your stance is and why you support it
  2. Body:
    • Using around 3 to 5 paragraphs, you have to expand on your thesis statement
    • You can add a counterargument and rebuttal to strengthen your claim
    • Summarize your paper by briefly restating your arguments

Persuasion techniques

  1. Knowledge

    You must be aware of both sides of the argument before choosing your final side. You must know why the opposition is firm on their stance and use logic to persuade them. If you are only prepared for one side, you will be vulnerable. It is highly recommended that you add a counter-argument in your essay where you acknowledge the opposition but give a strong rebuttal that convinces them why their stance may not be as strong as they think.

  2. Facts and credibility

    Opponents will try hard to prove that your stance is based on your opinion. You must cite credible scholarly articles and books to prove your stance. Illogical gut feelings are invalid in persuasive writing. Statistics are good sources to convince the audience to take your side. It is better to use multiple sources to emphasize proving one point.

  3. Repeat the points

    At first glance, repetition feels like a bad idea, but it isn't. You have to express each point using different ways. You can use statistics, daily life examples, examples from sources to convey your point. After conveying your point, it is wise to use a related quotation from a renowned personality to add a final touch to your stance. All your main points are to be repeated again in your conclusion.

  4. Empathy

    You should know who your target audience is. Craft your essay in such a way that the reader feels like you understand their concerns. Try to use evidence that they will appreciate. You should logically and calmly explain to them why their claims are illogical and should be changed.

  5. Idioms and analogies

    A neutral audience is better convinced if you compare and contrast the provided logical points with an analogy that they might understand. When you relate your stance with something that the audience understands, they will find it easier to agree with you. If you consult any writing professional from an essay writing service, they would also tell you that adding analogies makes your essay more convincing. You should therefore search for the right comparisons based on your audience.

Persuasive essays are very simple to write if you have the evidence to back up your stance. You should always choose a topic that you have prior knowledge of. Changing a human being’s opinion is not an easy task if you’re not a professional writer. You may be wondering whether there are writing services that can write my paper for you? Don’t worry! When I was new to essay writing, I was as good as a beginner can be; many times, I had to ask a friend to write my essay for me. But you can search the internet for help, and once you find one of such websites, you can tell them to send you a plagiarism-free final document.


A persuasive essay requires a lot of knowledge. You must convince the opponents to leave their stance and agree with yours. A good persuasive essay uses credible evidence to prove one side. It is always beneficial to hire essay writers from the paper writing service to do your work for you.

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