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The four main types of sentences include exclamatory, imperative, declarative, and interrogative. Each type of sentence has its own distinct function. They can be used in essays, academic writing, and any formal or informal writing by placing them at a proper place in the text.

Here are some ways in which an essay writer can use these sentences in your essays:

Imperative sentences:

This type of sentence is usually used to issue commands, give advice, and offer invitations. In an essay, these sentences are usually written in quotation marks. They are mostly used to state informal conversations in an essay. It is highly preferred not to use these sentences unless quoted. This is because it would be irrational to issue commands or instructions to your reader directly in your essay. Imperative usually ends up with a period so always remember to put correct punctuation marks when using this type of sentence in your essay. In this type of sentence, the subject is rarely mentioned and is implied as “you”. Imperative sentences are mostly used in narrative essays and sometimes in descriptive essays too.


  • Then she said, “We should not go there.” (descriptive essay)
  • I was walking across the street and then I saw my friend “come with me to my place.” (narrative essay)

Interrogative sentences:

This type of sentence is used to pose questions to readers in a direct manner. They can be used in essays in the form of hooks. Similarly, they can also be used to explain your ideas in a more organized manner. For instance, if you are writing an argumentative essay, you can give your arguments in a manner that first, you ask a question from your reader, then you can give facts, statistics, and your own opinions below the question. Interrogative sentences can also be used in a descriptive essay in the form of a quotation. They usually end up with a question mark so remember to put the correct punctuation mark whenever you are using this type of sentence in your essay.


  • Which state of America do you think has the best beaches? (argumentative essay)

Exclamatory sentences:

This sentence type is used to express your sudden and exuberant emotions of love, melancholy, rage, and fear. They are used to show the strong emotions of a person. Exclamatory sentences are usually used in descriptive and narrative essays. They can be used in the form of quotations or even without quotation marks. It depends on the context in which you are using it. They end up with an exclamation mark so remember to put the same punctuation mark at their end. These types of sentences can also put emphasis on what you are saying and help the reader understand your ideas in a better way.


  • He said “o my god…I always wanted this for my birthday” (descriptive essay)

Declarative sentences:

This type of sentence is used to declare statements and convey information to your reader. This type of sentence is usually used in academic writing. They are used in essays to state clear opinions, facts, and figures. Declarative sentences convey a particular and vague piece of information to their reader instead of creating ambiguity in the reader’s mind. This sentence type always ends with a period and the same punctuation mark should be used in your essay when you write this type of sentence.


  • Research says that herbal medicine has the least side effects and best cutting ability (expository essay)

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