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An argumentative essay is a type of essay in which an essay writer is required to take a stance and either defy or emphasize it through relevant ideas and details. It is one of the most common types of the essay because argumentative essay plays a crucial role in enhancing metacognition. Taking into account the value given to the argumentative essay, it is important to think about the ways that can prove to be helpful in achieving a good score along with enhancing the writing capabilities of the student.

There are several pro-tips available that can help students write good argumentative essays. But there are fewer search results available for designing the outline of the essay. Without a proper outline, it is not possible to write a well-structured essay, because the outline helps to synchronize and jot-down all the points with respect to writing regulations. Then, structuring the outline is also important because if the contents of the outline will not be arranged properly then there is no way that the essay will be well-phrased.

Writing an argumentative essay outline is not at all a tough job because it resembles the rules of writing a simple essay. You can write an essay outline by following four simple points or you can always ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

  1. 1- Designing the introductory paragraph

    It is the very first stage of writing an outline. You are required to introduce the topic because without a proper introduction, you will not be able to introduce the stance on which your argument will be built. It is more like a background paragraph that will help your readers know all about the topic, the underlying conflict, and the point you seek to justify.

  2. 2- Forming a thesis statement

    Now, you are required to design the thesis statement for your essay. It is one of the tough jobs for students of high school and at the college level because students find it hard to sum up the central idea in a single sentence. One of the easiest ways of writing a thesis statement for an argumentative essay is to quote the question that drives your essay or to write the justification that you have in your mind for the essay. After writing the thesis statement, you are done with almost half of the essay writing job because the next part is to continue the thesis statement.

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  3. 3- Making body paragraphs

    Now your job is to design the body paragraphs. There are some major and significant points to be followed while making the body paragraphs. Firstly, if the argument is history-based, the evidence should be mentioned in chronological order. If your outline is built on a common topic or an idea of common discussion, then the outline should be backed by research evidence in such a way that yearly order is maintained. It will ensure cohesion in the essay and your outline will look more engaging. Make sure to add multiple paragraphs, where a transition should be made in making an argument and then refuting it

  4. 4- Conclusion Paragraph

    It is one of the important parts of the essay. Here, make sure to summarize and avoid adding any new information in the essay. In simple words, you have to sum up the points and supporting and refuting ideas that you have mentioned throughout your essay.

    Thus, you see, the outline of your essay will move from introduction to conclusion, and each of the paragraphs should be properly cited with the original source. Following these four simple steps, you will have an engaging, and well-structured essay outline that can help you earn good grades.

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