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You have been assigned to write a compare and contrast essay, and you have no idea about how to start it, and what will be the context?

Basically, a compare and contrast essay is structured in order for two or more concepts while examining their astonishing similarities and shrewd dissimilarities. For example, there can be a comparison analysis for reading a book in hand vs reading it with an e-reader.

In short, the crux of writing a contrast essay is to unveil the unknown, depicting whether one is preferable over the other, then supporting your arguments and ending it up with a comprehensive conclusion that could be acceptable for most of the audience.

So for now, the upcoming paper will illustrate to you the different approaches that must be kept in mind while writing a contrast essay.

The Structure of a Contrast Essay

  1. Point by point approach
  2. Basically, this method examines the comparison and contrast of two ideas in different ways but with the same subject matter. Therefore, you must choose a topic that consists of only two concepts that should be examined in the future. It will not only make your work easy but also it will save you time.

    For example, let’s contrast the private and public educational institutions in the USA. You will be taking some variables that you want to examine, such as the cost of education, and the quality of education. While incorporating it into an outline, you will write like this;

    Topic: Comparison of public and private education systems

    Start with a catchy introduction.

    Main body paragraph # 1: Cost of education

    Higher in private

    Lower in public

    Main body paragraph # 2: Quality of education

    Advanced system private

    The traditional system in public


    And this is how this approach looks like, now let’s have a look at the other two.

  3. Venn diagram
  4. In this approach, we make up a diagram to show each possible relation between the particular concepts. Keeping in mind, it is indeed an exemplary method to go-through the content and conceptualize the ideas.

    For example, let’s quote the above example. You just have to make two circular diagrams (it can be more than two as per the number of objects you are analyzing). Then simply start filling them by listing the similarities in the intersection point (compare), whilst stating the dissimilarities outside (contrast).

    Finally, let’s have a look at the block structure and see how it is practicable.

  5. Block Structure
  6. This method will encourage different objects to be compared and contrasted with a specified writing style. The very unique characteristic of this approach is that the structural level it relies on. Precisely, the researcher will look into the first object and start explaining in the very first paragraph. Then, he continues to demonstrate the second idea in the next paragraph, and so on (depends on the number of objects you opted).

    For example, considering the above example. There are two variables that need to be analyzed. So for each variable, there will be 2 paragraphs in total.

    Topic: Comparison of public and private education systems

    Main body paragraph # 1: Cost of education

    Write the context particularly relevant to educational cost (no need for quoting about the quality or other variable).

    Main body paragraph # 2: Quality of education

    Write the context particularly relevant to the quality of education (no need for quoting about the cost or other variable).


    So, these are the three methods that are used in contrast essays, so you must opt for the one that you think you are good at.

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