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Have you written a top-notch essay but now are in hot waters since you aren’t familiar with citation style? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. So without further ado let’s get started.

Citations are a crucial part of your essay and even a research paper. Imagine your friend or any other person taking your idea or use your work without giving you credit. How will you feel? You feel betrayed therefore it is mandatory to cite the work even if you have just taken the idea from someone else’s work.

A citation style is basically a set of guidelines that determine how we must cite our sources. Whenever we refer to the work of another individual we need to give the author full credit to avoid plagiarism. Different citation styles have different guidelines for not only formatting your paper but also for in-text citations and the reference list entries at the end of your paper.

Since now you are familiar with the trivialness of citations so let’s take a step further and explore various citation styles.


It is a popular citation style that comprises mainly the last name of the author along with publication year of the source in round brackets and is placed within the text. In the reference list, all the references are organized

Note: If your professor wants you to add quotes or even want additional details then you can also add page number in the in-text citation. All you need is to use p. and then mention the page number viola! Your citation is complete.


This citation style was developed by the American Psychological Association. It can be considered as a variant of the Harvard system since it also utilizes the author-date convention. This type of citation was usually used in psychology and social sciences but later many other disciplines also utilize this type of citation. The reference list is organized alphabetically at the end of the paper.

Typically, APA 6th edition is used, however, it is necessary to understand the difference between APA 6th and 7th edition since you never know when your professor instructs you to use APA 7th edition.

Like APA 6th edition, APA 7th edition also uses double spacing but instead of using Times New Roman in font size 12, it uses it in font size 11.

Getting confused? You must be thinking, is there someone who can write my essay so that I do not have to worry about citation issues? I feel you but believe me, once you will grasp the basic rules you will never feel any issue in citing your sources.


This style was developed by the Modern Languages Association. This style is popular among literary and language disciplines and in the humanities. The in-text citations in MLA can be done by putting in round brackets the last name of the first author and the page number of the reference. Like APA and Harvard, in MLA as well the references are arranged in alphabetical order at the end of the paper.


This citation style was developed by the University of Chicago and comes in two variations: either you have to cite the source from which you have taken data by using the author-date format or buy using footnotes or endnotes. As per the author-date format in-text citation, the last name of the first author along with the year of publication is enclosed in the round brackets. On the other hand, in the notes-bibliography format, the numbers are used in the in-text and they must be superscript while the references or organized either at the bottom of the page (footnotes) are used or can be organized at the end of the page (endnotes).

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