What should be the length of each Chapter in a Thesis?

When a student is starting to write a thesis, he or she should know the length of each chapter according to his field and academic level. Any section that contains more information than the normal may have to be edited. A clear idea about the word count of each chapter will make the task much easier for the writer. In the following lines, we will present a guideline for the length or number of words in each section of a thesis or you can ask others to write my paper.


The first major chapter of the thesis is an introduction. This chapter should consist of the 10%-word count of the whole thesis. This section will help the researcher in establishing the research topic. The research questions are also established in this section along with the objectives of the study. The structure of the dissertation is also summarized in this section. An essay writer may help you by providing a summary introduction for free. If the introduction section includes more than 10% of the word count, you may be putting the content of some other section in it.

Literature Review

This section includes past research that is relevant to the topic of your dissertation. Normally, this section includes 30% of the total word count of the whole thesis. If the dissertation is 15000 words, you will include 4500 words in this section. Within these words, you will have to identify the gap in the past research that your dissertation will be filling. If the section goes beyond 30%, you will have to restrict the section to the most relevant and related research. Another approach may include the most recent research in this section.

Research methodology

This section should comprise 15% of the total word count. If the thesis has 15000 words, the research methodology should include 4500 words. Within these words, you will have to provide the overall structure and style of the research undertaken. The justification of the techniques used to analyze the data. In thesis writing, this is the most important section because it will thoroughly explain the work done by you. Every aspect of methodology should be justified from past research. According to the type of research, the methodology section may also be a bit lengthy.


This section should include 5% of words from the total word count of a dissertation. In a 15000 words dissertation, this section will comprise 750 words. In these words, a student should present the tables that help the reader in understanding the results. An analysis of these tables will give a better idea to the reader. Sometimes, the tables are not counted in the overall word count of the dissertation.


This section includes 30% of the word count in a dissertation. Just like the literature review, this section will comprise 4500 words in a 15000 words dissertation. This section will provide a complete overview of the practical implications of the results of the dissertation. There will be some areas of the results that are particularly related to the main theme of your dissertation. This section will highlight those areas. A reliable and cheap essay writing service may provide you with some relevant points to be included in this section. Depending on your audience, this section may be considered the most important part of the dissertation.

Conclusions and recommendations

This section should contain 10% of the words from the whole word count of the dissertation. In a 15000 words dissertation, this section should include 1500 words. You will have to summarize all the important points of your dissertation in this section. This section should also have a clear understanding of the main idea of the dissertation.

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