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Are you facing the difficulty of limiting your word count while writing a critical analysis essay? Or you simply extend the word limit keeping in mind your material? Most students write an extra-long essay or a short one in confusion because they do not know about standard length.

Normally, in essays, things can take more word count for an explanation because you are analyzing the whole text. However, in a critical essay, you explore the weak and strong sides of the text and bring out your analysis on certain aspects. For this purpose, most of the time, you find yourself extending the word count to write more details to add clarity.

Critical Analysis Essay

This essay is very different from the normal essay because you first analyze a text and its weak and strong arguments. An essay writer first takes a claim and then moves towards backing up their sources with the help of scientific evidence or theory. Most commonly, in critical analysis, you discuss your text with the help of some theories to give more critical reviews on the author and his writings.

Standard length

The essay can be short, and it can be 5 pages long, but it totally depends on the guidelines that you receive from the teacher. By the standard length of this essay is 1000 to 1200 words, and you are mostly required to cover all your topics in this length.

Now here you need to be careful with the organization of your work because it will help you cover maximum points in 1200 words. But if you’ll go ahead into writing things without planning, these 1200 words may seem insufficient to you.

Paragraph length

In the standard length of 1200 words, you must also make a proportion in the paragraph length. You can not add maximum words in one paragraph, and then the next paragraph can be small. Your introduction and conclusion should be nearly 150 words, and the body paragraphs will be about 240 to 250 words.

It is significant to manage your paragraph length and give more priority to the body paragraphs if you want to cover maximum points in 1200 words. If you think you need professional assistance to manage your critical analysis essay, then you can always take help from a paper writing service. They can guide you in limiting your information with respect to the word count.

What Should be Included in 1200 words?

Moreover, most of you face one difficulty in the standard length that you can not limit the information and end up writing maximum words sometimes. Even if you don’t find 1200 words enough for your critical analysis. So here are a few things that should be included in your essay so that you can write the standard length of an essay and limit yourself to writing more.

  1. 1. Introduction

    In the introduction, you need to write a hook, the background of the study or the introduction of the author and novel, and in the end, a thesis statement. The hook can be any quote, statistics, or anything related to your topic. Then go for introducing your text, and in the thesis statement, be very concise and to the point. If you face any difficulty in writing the introduction, say write my paper to the writing service and leave all our work on them.

  2. 2. Body Paragraph

    There are standard three body paragraphs in the essay, and try to limit your stance to some points. Do not use all the important concepts because, in 1200 words, you can not add multiple ideas. Choose 3 to 4 points and prove your point with the help of evidence. Do not go further into the details of the point that are relevant to the main topic.

  3. 3. Conclusion

    In conclusion, restate the thesis statement and add the summary of your essay. In case of the need for any professional assistance, do look for authentic online services and avoid using cheap essay writing services. But some cheap websites provide good services, so before taking any decision, research about the websites. Then, you can simply ask them to write essay for me.

    The standard length of the critical analysis essay is 1200, and in order to write your essay in this length, you need to be careful with the writing material and organization. You can follow the important things to write a list and plan your essay before writing.

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