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If you are studying in an educational institution, you must have come across the term thesis and research paper. Both these things have their relative importance for the students. You may lose a high percentage of marks if you do not put enough effort into making your thesis.

Many online services provide prepared thesis on different topics. They have expert writers for specific subjects who can write a professional thesis for you. In the following lines, we will take a look at how students can purchase thesis papers online and what issues are faced by them during this process.

Manage your time well

Thesis writing is a big exercise that can consume considerable time in completing. You should consult the online services at least one month in advance of the due date of submission. Your advisor will have provided the complete guidelines and marking rubric. Provide these things and any other essential information to the online service provider.

You should give at least 2 days to them to review the information and confirm that they have the relevant experts for the subject. Do not decide immediately to buy thesis from any service provider until you are fully satisfied. You may have more than one thesis at hand about different subjects.

You will have to decide about the thesis that you will buy from the service provider. If you want to buy both the theses, do not order both at once. Just tell the service provider that you will place another order soon if this order is completed at the desired quality. You should confirm with the service provider if an expert essay writer for your subject is available with them.

Things to be considered

Once you have decided on the platform from where to buy the thesis, you will have to see many things before payment is made. Originality is the most important aspect for the students. There should be no copied content in the whole thesis and various plagiarism software are available to provide the percentage of copied material in the thesis. The acceptable percentage of plagiarism varies through different universities and educational levels.

You should have a clear idea about the acceptable level of plagiarism. The other important aspect of the thesis is the kind of references used. These references should be relevant and up to date. A maximum of three years of old material will be accepted as references. You can counter check the references by checking the links provided in the list.


Affordability is one of the most important aspects which has to be considered while deciding the service provider. If you are a first-timer in this field, you’ll be confronted with a range of ‘write my essay’ services online; each offering you diverse offers. After going through the offers, you can shortlist one according to the price you are willing to pay.

However, there are other factors, besides, a price that has to be considered as well before making the final decision. Another way of getting a lower-priced deal is to place orders in bulk but this may not work for you at the start. When you get accustomed to buying the stuff from one or two different service providers, they will start offering you lower than competitive prices. If you are satisfied with the essay writing service quality of some providers, you can recommend them to other people. You can place a bulk order for all people and receive a considerable discount.

You can avail the services from more than one platform at the same time and compare all the relevant features for both. In this way, you can know the actual value delivered by both these platforms. You can opt for the best option available.

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