Which forms of persuasive speech work best in a college competition?

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What makes for an interesting persuasive speech?

What are the different types of persuasive speeches?

How to secure a good grade in college debate competitions if we have to persuade others?

These are some questions which this article is going to answer. Obviously, there are a lot of persuasive speech topics that can be selected by an essay writer or students if they are participating in a college competition.

Well in a persuasive speech, four types of claims can be made. Different types of persuasive speeches can be written using one of these four claims. The details of these four claims are as follows or you can ask others to write my essay.

Value claims:In this type of speech, the speaker is basically convincing the audience about a judgment claim associated with a particular subject matter. For example, the topic can be that internet dating is an immoral form of courtship. This is the claim that can be made by a speaker and other speakers can persuade the audience about the exact opposite. There is a need to label the evaluative term clearly while using a value claim in the persuasive speech. In the above example, immoral can be regarded as an evaluative term. These speeches introduce information appeals and criteria and provide evidence that makes the audience arrive at a specific conclusion. To justify the value claims the speaker must use facts and consider the feelings and values of the audience constantly.

Policy claims: This is a common claim which is most often seen in persuasive speeches. Students should know that we live in a society where there are so many problems and every day people come up with innovative solutions about fixing those problems. A policy claim is a statement that can inform the audience about a specific problem and its nature. A persuasive speech based on policy claims can give solutions for addressing that problem.

Here are a few examples of policy claims on which persuasive speeches can be written

  • Drug offenders should not be sent to prisons rather they should be sent to rehabilitation centers
  • There is a need to invest more in the prevention of poverty and less in defense expenditure around the world.

In these speeches, there are basically four organizational patterns. One is problem-solving, the second is problem solution with cause, the third is the comparative advantage of various solutions and the fourth is the motivated sequence presented by Monroe. In speeches based on policy claims, the speech advocates a specific change from the status quo. The speaker wants anything that is proposed by him or her in the speech must become policy.

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Definitional claims:Persuasive speeches based on definitional claims are striving to argue for what is the essence of something and what is not. The audience must be convinced about the perspective of the speaker on the definition of something. For instance, if a speaker wants to classify carbon emissions as adversity, then the persuasion should convince the audience about the negative effects of carbon emissions. In these kinds of speeches, the evidence must be presented in a topical order and for the audience, it is important to consider the details of the evidence carefully.

In definitional claims, the following topics can be discussed.

Historical controversies, predictions which are the forecasting of what will happen in the future based on past events, and questions of current existence. The last category is specifically important and significant for a persuasive speech as it can include topics such as ecofeminism or global warming.

Factual claims: Persuasive speeches based on fractal claims argue the falsity or the truth of an assertion. Students must realize that the actual claims cannot be answered in an absolute manner. This is because sometimes the final answer to a factual claim has not been discovered yet.

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