Why are millions of students turning to essay writing companies for tutoring and assistance?

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Essay writing companies

Online “ write essay for me” services have provided income for thousands of writers from every part of the world. Students and professional writers are using their knowledge about every discipline to write essays and projects. Millions of essays are ordered online, due to which the online services industry has expanded in recent years. Essay writing companies hire employees and distribute the work among freelancers who are officially not a part of the organization but work from home.

Professionals more often use paper writing service companies for business writings and students who can afford these services. In addition, due to high demand from students, many cheap essay writing companies have come into existence. Students provide these companies detailed information of the task, access to their libraries, and whole classroom material. All the material given to the writer increases the quality and relevance of the writers’ work.

Why do students use essay writing services?

Varying reasons have been observed for using the services of essay writer by students. The simplest reason can be that the student has too much workload with shorter deadlines and opted for online service to meet all deadlines. Another reason a student choosing to outsource can be weak writing skills; international students who do not speak English as their native language find it very difficult to write an effective essay without grammatical mistakes.

Quick services of these companies are also why students choose such services; due to increasing pressure and burden, many students find these services the easiest solution to their problems. For this reason, it can be justified to use online services; they help reduce mental pressure due to overload of work, and they can help students learn different techniques from the online essays.

There is no doubt that if I hire a writer, asking him to write a paper will save a lot of time with much relative ease. So, one reason can be that the student is just lazy or does not have an interest in English writing. On the one hand, a contrary reason for hiring writers is lack of time due to multitasking; people getting higher education are also part-time jobs to earn and pay for their expenses. People who work eight hours a day and attend lectures find it very difficult to manage both things, so they opt for online tutoring and assistance for their homework.

Impact of online essay writing services

Opting for online services does not mean that the professors’ lectures are not good enough for students. Professors and teachers believe that these services are responsible for declining productivity and declared it as cheating. So, from one side, yes, these services are not adding to the productivity of students. The second reason for these services being bad is that students do not know about the course, so they lose the chance of improvements and learning.

Most companies hire professionals and skilled writers who know what they are writing and can help them get good grades. But sometimes, the abilities of these writers cannot be trusted, so there is a chance that a student might not be able to pass a course. Relying too much on these services is also not good for students because when these students get out of their institute and enter the market, they lack many abilities because not paying attention to the knowledge given to them.

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