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Which argument to start with?

How to start an argumentative essay?

How to make my essay more impressive than others?

Is there a specific format for writing an argumentative essay?

These are the questions that might be revolving in your grey matter if you have to submit your argumentative essay within a week and you have never written one before…

Wondering if an argumentative essay is the same as a persuasive essay?

There are many similarities between a persuasive and argumentative essay. Whereby in the persuasive essay, the writer displays emotion and the art of persuasion. While in an argumentative essay, the author is bound to state logic and evidence which is based on facts.

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Social media as a phenomenon, a conception, a way of research, amongst other things is being used increasingly as a topic of debate and discussion in contemporary academia. Well, why not?? We simply cannot imagine our life without social media. We work online, order food through online services, communicate and share our emotions online.

This post strives to show students an excerpt from a distinguished argumentative essay on social media. Students are free to use this sample as a source of inspiration, but these are to be only used as a muse. We don’t want to get into the consequences of the P-word, do we???

Without further ado, pacify your reading sense with this argumentative social media sample and get ready to solve your academic problems!

Excerpt from the essay

Title: Does social media influence real-life communication?

The way people communicate has changed drastically as humanity is progressing over time. With every passing year, the modes of communication become more effective. Almost everyone has access to the internet, and social media is used not only to communicate internationally but is also used within a short distance. There is an argument that real-life communication is on the edge of extinction with the advent of social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

Anyone can make up their own decision about the negative or positive influence of social media on human interaction. but this essay strives to argue the destruction of social media on the communication skills of people.

People also argue that the verbal, listening, and social skills of children are worsening due to increased exposure to the social media websites which are available on almost every small and the portable device. People have lost the skill of courtship and the ability to make a special connection with others in their surroundings. The brains of children are also changing, given the increased screen time and a tendency towards a sedentary lifestyle.

Social media is also harming the friendships that people have in real life. Research studies speculate that an average human brain can only handle friendships with a limited amount of people in their lifetime and apparently having ‘hundreds’ and ‘thousands’ of friends on social media websites tends to appear as fake and artificial. This impairs the quality of life and makes it harder to communicate genuinely in real life.

Hope this sample helped! Here’s another interesting tip about how to end your argumentative essay.

Conclude on a positive note

We all love a happy ending, don’t we? Stress on the fact that an essay writer has successfully managed to achieve the primary objective of convincing the readers about your key argument or thesis statement.

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