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Writing a whole essay on a single concept might sound daunting but believe me, it is not. It is one of the easiest forms of essay writing if you know how to do it. In a definition essay, you have to define a concept or a single word in your essay. You are supposed to be discussing the definition of the respective word throughout the custom essay. Well, today I am going to make definition essays your favorite essay type. Here are some tips to compose an outstanding definition essay:

Selecting the word

You are probably going to write a five-paragraph essay on the word that you will select so choose it wisely.

  • Choose an idea: Pick a word that is more than a word. Pick an idea or a concept word like “freedom,” “charity,” ``nationalism,” “Friendship.” Pick an open word on which you will be able to write a whole essay.
  • Avoid concrete things: You should never pick concrete things like “mobile,” “spoon,” “glass,” “bat,” or “belt,” etc. If you select such a word, you will face difficulties while writing an essay on it. Therefore, you should pick words on which you could write in-depth and in an insightful way.
  • Select something familiar: Sometimes students pick up an extraordinary word but they are not familiar with that word. They end up writing a terrible essay. Therefore, you should pick something simple that you have been using frequently in your writing or speaking.
  • Choose a word having several meanings: Words with a singular meaning would be difficult for writing an essay. You should always pick multidimensional words that have different meanings. This will give you space to be creative and write about your understanding of the word. This is how a cheap essay writing service selects words for definition essays.

Defining the word

Once you have selected a word, it is time to define it.

  • Search for dictionary meaning. You might be familiar with the respective word, but you should check its meaning in the dictionary. Look at all the different meanings of the word.
  • Look up the origin of the word: You can easily find the origin of the word if you will look it up on the encyclopedia.
  • Online research: You all have the internet. Use it. Lookup for research articles, videos, blogs, or any source of information available on the given word.
  • Develop your own definition of the word. Use all the information and data that you may have gathered on the word in the previous steps, to develop your definition of the word.
  • Take help: If you think that writing a definition essay is out of your grasp, you should consider taking some help. I used to take help to write my paper and many students are doing it. You should too without feeling embarrassed.

Drafting essay

  • Outline your essay: Your typical definition essay would have five paragraphs: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. If you are worried about creating a well-organized outline, ask a write my essay online service to do it for you.
  • Create an initial draft: Begin your essay by telling something interesting about the word or you can simply start by defining the word according to some standard dictionary.
  • Thesis statement: Here you should provide your definition of the word that you will explore in the body paragraphs.
  • Origin of the word: If you have already looked up the origin of the word while selecting it, it would not be difficult for you.
  • Analyzed standard definition: Here you will provide an insightful analysis of the word. For this, you can divide the word or definition into different parts. You can also compare and contrast it with other words.
  • Personal definition: Here you will develop your personal definition of the word, you will cite credible sources to support your definition.
  • Conclude: Wrap up the essay by reemphasizing the thesis statement and briefly discussing the main points of your essay or just pay for essay now to complete this task.

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