The Honor Code takes academic integrity and high standards seriously. Our Honor Code is a symbol of this commitment. It communicates to our students and clients what they can expect from us and what we will do to preserve these values. Our paper writing service holds our employees to the highest standards, so you can be sure that anything less than perfection is not tolerated here!

The Honor Code of

We at platform do not support or condone academic dishonesty in any form. We are committed to upholding academic integrity and honest grades.

The Expert Writers at Will Not Personify as a Student for Exams

We at take academic integrity very seriously. Any form of cheating or plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in the removal of the guilty writer from our team immediately.

We Never Support or Tolerate


Cheating is when you get help with your schoolwork from someone who is not allowed to help you. This includes getting help from our expert writers, people who are not teachers or using sources that are not approved by your teacher.


Plagiarism is when someone takes someone else's work and does not give them credit.


An illegal activity involving pretending to be another student or taking on their identity.


Our company values integrity. We will never help users commit fraud or take part in illegal activity. We also don't support any dishonesty among our employees.

If the involvement of expert writers in any illegal activity or actions that violate our policies, is found, he or she will be immediately removed from our team.

A Reminder for Students

We know that balancing a full course load, studying in college, and maintaining an honor code can be difficult. However, we don't think risking either of these things would be a wise decision. It can jeopardize your academic career because of a blatant violation of your institution’s policies.

  • does not allow students to use its platform or services for any illegal activities, such as violating institutional policies.
  • You must not pass on any academic material that is provided to you by the writing experts at to anyone else as your own.

A Reminder for Business is an essay writing service that can help you get opportunities and present yourself as a professional writer to students, businesses, and academic institutes. As a writing expert working on the platform, it is important that you follow these guidelines:

  • Any illegal activity should not be performed by the business representatives using the platform. This includes any type of fraud, cheating, or academic dishonesty.
  • Employees of any business must not use the writing services of this company to engage in any fraudulent activity.

A Reminder for Teachers & Schools

We appreciate your efforts to maintain academic integrity in your teaching and learning. We support you in your goal to have honest, transparent, and useful teaching and learning.

As scholars and people associated with academic institutions, we encourage you to report any dishonesty, cheating, or violation of academic integrity that you see or hear about.

A Reminder for the Writing Experts is a writing service that can help you get opportunities and present yourself as a professional writer to students, businesses, and academic institutes. As a writing expert working on the platform, it is important that you follow these guidelines:

  • When you are a writer, you are expected to not do anything that is against the rules. This includes breaking academic honesty rules, violating institutional policies, and going against what your company expects from you.
  • Our writing experts should not be involved in any way, whether as a business representative or a student to assist with cheating and fraud.

List of Restricted Task Requests at

Here’s a list of constricted activities that clients, businesses, and expert writers are not allowed to do on our platform. But this is not a complete list, please check Terms and Conditions for the complete information.

Clients of

People who break our rules in the Honor Code may find themselves banned from using all the services we offer on this site. Activities considered to be breaching the Honor Code are as follows:

  • Falsification or fabrication of financial reports.
  • Creation of CVs or Resume with fake or false job experience.
  • Writing any kind of official documents.
  • Pretending to be someone else or taking on someone’s identity for any activity or purpose.
  • Sharing academic work or education materials to be presented as student’s own work.
  • Ghostwriting of research work including dissertations, theses, and term papers.
  • Fabrication or falsification of data, information, citations, or any other academic material that violated academic and corporate policies.

Did You Observe any Violation of the Honor Code?

Please submit a complaint and our team will take swift action!

Report Violation of the Honor Code

We know that our customers deserve only the best service and we take every opportunity to provide it. If you ever come across something unethical, please let us know as soon as possible so we can take action to stop it from happening.